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We hear at WWA Superstars of Wrestling would like the wrestling world to keep WWA legend David Starr in your prayers as he is not doing so well. 









































11-17-16  WWA would like to welcome Pro Wrestling Revolution as are very first affiliate under are now sanctioning program. We are looking forward to working with PWR to bring the wrestling fans some great wrestling events to the  Tennessee area. For more in for on PWR please check out the affiliate page.   







 10-19-16 - We here at the WWA Superstars of Wrestling office are busy working on some new and exciting projects to better and further WWA Superstars. We are now updating are youtube page with classic and new footage. Also see a weekly webcase with  Superstars of Wrestling Owner Albert "King Kong" Patterson as he talks about the state of WWA.  WWA would also like to announce we have started a Affiliate Sanction Program. The first promotion will be announced in the next few days.














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